Mine Train

Enjoy a beautiful journey along the scenic Delaware River behind New Jersey's only operating steam locomotive and visit one of New Jersey's most beautiful Wineries


Warren County Winery Train

Enjoy a beautiful journey along the scenic Delaware River behind New Jersey's only operating steam locomotive.

Visit to one of New Jersey's most beautiful Wineries. The train will take you to the end of  our line where you will board a bus for the short trip to the winery which is located  in Finesville, New Jersey

The Warren County Winery Train is operated by the Delaware River Railroad Excursions located in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. We are a Non-profit, 501 (c) 3 corporation and staffed almost entirely by volunteers.

Your Journey

After a Steam Train ride along the Delaware and a short bus ride through rolling farmlands, you will arrive at Villa Milagro Vineyards (www.VillaMilagroVineyards.com) . 

 There you will learn how grapes are grown and made into wine.  Then you will sample their delicious wines and have an opportunity to purchase them at the source.  If you would like to enjoy your wine with a picnic, bring a lunch and relax at tables in tree groves at the Ol’Susquehanna Mine and Corn Maze or at the station in Phillipsburg.  You are welcome to detrain at the Mine and spend as much time as you like relaxing in the picnic grove then catch a later train.


The Vineyard

Villa Milagro

Resting on a ridge, overlooking both the Delaware and Musconetcong Rivers, Villa Milagro Vineyards offers panoramic views of four counties in two states.

Raised in the Central Valley of California which produces 75% of the state’s wine grapes, winemaker Dr. Audrey Cross-Gambino blends wines made from Villa Milagro’s ten varieties of grapes to create complex and interesting wines. Husband Steve Gambino oversees all operational aspects of the vineyard and winery, insuring that their wines maintain the boutique quality standards of some of Europe’s best hand-made wines.

You will tour the vineyard to learn how beneficial insects and birds are attracted; how weeds and disease are controlled without herbicides and pesticides; and how natural compost enriches the soils. Then learn how grapes become wines and are aged and blended to form Villa Milagro’s delicious wines.

Meet the owners’ other household members - Commander Cody, their 100 lb German Shepherd, cats Tuxedo and Silki, and on lucky days, Grandbaby Molly. All roam the 104 acres of breathtaking views that earn this vineyard its name, Villa Milagro which is Spanish for “home of miracles!” You are welcome to host your private events here as well as come anytime on the Winery Train.

Villa Milagro's web site