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The Ol' Susquehanna Mine

Ride the train to the mine and pan for real gem stones you can keep!

Gemstone Panning is a great activity for all ages. Participants may find up to 11 ounces of gemstones in a single bag which may include amethyst, rubies, rose quartz, emeralds, crystals, and an arrowhead. All gems are of high quality and may be suitable for cutting, polishing, and mounting. With every mine train ticker you will receive one bag of mining ore from the Ole' Susquehanna Mine.
Upon arriving at the mine site your guide will tell you the story of Sylas Smith and how he found the mine and about his tragic death which left the mind uncovered until this very year! Next you will walk over the the Ole' Susquehanna mines operating sluice and learn how to pan for gem stones. once you understand how to pan give it a try and see if you can find some gems. The mine is available every weekend  May through October on the 11:00am, 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm trips. In October the Mine is available on the 3:30 train as well.

The Train

Enjoy a ride on our historic passenger coaches.

The mine

Come explore the Ol' Susquehanna mine. The mine is a placer mine (Placer mining (/ˈplжsər/ or /ˈpleɪsər/) is the mining of stream bed (alluvial) deposits for minerals.) Learn the history of the mine in a fun and comical demonstration of early mining techniques and hear  the tragic story of Mr.. and Mrs.. Samuel Smith the proprietor!

The Snyder Farm

The mine is located on the site of the historic Snyder Farm, dating back hundreds of years. The farm is currently the site of important archeological digs sponsored by Temple University

The Picnic Grove

At the mine site we have a beautiful picnic grove underneath the shade of sprawling pine trees. Feel free to bring a picnic and go back on any train you like!




The mine train is well worth every penny!

October 23, 2016:

A great way to make family memories and to get away from the fast lane of life, a way to go back in time and just sit and relax and watch the Delaware River flow, and of watch the colors in the tress in the fall! We loved it ans promise you will have a great time, especially the miner named copper and other guy named Martin! They where awesome which I'm sure all others are too, if you have time it's worth going and just making memories never forgotten!!! Will be back!!

October 30, 2016:

The kids aged between 8 and 17 years old had an amazing time!!! They loved the corn maze and enjoyed the mine tour. Just know that the tour is all above ground and you do get some pretty crystal when you "pan for gems". It was an enjoyable family day. One person in our party used a cane and was able to enjoy the day with us.

October 24, 2016:

We had a blast on this train ride, everyone was really nice and the experience was very enjoyable. My kids had the best time of their lives. Highly recommend taking this train ride. The Mine stop was really awesome as well. Well worth the money

By Car

Located at the intersection of Interstate 78 and Highway 22  we are exactly 73 miles from both New York City and Philadelphia. Please click here for directions.

By bus

Transbridge Lines operates into Easton Pennsylvania. The bus station is under one mile away, just a short taxi ride or walk. Click here for the bus companies web site.

By Taxi/cabs

Via Uber or local taxi companies we are just  a short ride from the bus station in Easton Pennsylvania.

Picture from around the Mine

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