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The Great Pumpkin Train

Every child can pick their own pumpkin, for free!

In the month of October, every train is The Great Pumpkin Train. When riding the Great Pumpkin Train, every child will be able to pick their own pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. The pumpkin patch sits in a beautiful glade in front of the century old Carpentersville Lime Kilns. The lime kilns are not only the oldest but also the largest left in existence in New Jersey, dating to before the Revolutionary War! Either take a beautiful ride along the river, or take in one of our amazing attractions. Enjoy the Corn Maze, and or the Ol' Susquehanna Mine. Each are just a $5.00 add on to your Great Pumpkin Train ticket. Tickets are available on site if you should decide at the last minute! Every train stops at the Pumpkin Patch on the way home, so, don't worry, no matter what attraction you enjoy, you wont miss out on a pumpkin!

The Train

All trains in October are The Great Pumpkin Train. A free pumpkin for every child!

The Maze Games

We have two engaging games for you to play. First, there is the numbers game. In each of the two mazes on site there are 6 podiums hidden. Your "Corn Card" will give you clues to find the podiums. On each podium there is a card punch. When you find a numbered podium punch the corresponding number on the "Corn Card". if you get one to six in the small maze or seven to twelve in the large maze you win and we have a small prize for you when you come out of the maze.  The Monster Mystery  game. It all happened one crazy fall night! A mysterious blinding flash lit the night sky. Boots the dog went to investigate but never returned. Monsters have overrun the farm and have taken Boots! Find out which monster took Boots and where he is being hidden. Enter the maze and find the 6 hidden location maps. At each location, punch your card once for the monster and once for the hiding place using the attached hole punch. The remaining un-punched monster & hiding place reveal Boots' captor and location.

The Mine

Also on site is the Ol' Susquehanna Mine. You can buy tickets on site if you have already not purchased them. Pan for real gem stones you can bring home!

Our Picnic Groves

We have two beautiful picnic groves. The largest is in Phillipsburg at our station with views of the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers. Our most beautiful picnic grove is located at  the stop for our Ol' Susquehanna Mine called "Snyders". Here we have about 20 picnic tables under beautiful sprawling pine trees. Also located at this stop are both the Ol' Susquehanna Mine and  the Corn Maze ( in season). If you opt to use the picnic grove at the mine location you can take the next train north ( 1 1/2 hours later) to return back to the station. You may also enjoy the mine experience which is only $5.00 or the Corn Maze, also $5.00. Both of these tickets can be purchased on site.




Great fun for the whole family!

August 16, 2016:

We had a great time on the wine train on 8/29/16. Well organized getting us on the train. The scenery down the Delaware river was very pretty. A school bus with a lovely driver (Luz) took us from the train on a short ride to the winery. Once there, we were greeted on the bus by the owner. We had a very nice private tour for our group and then a tasting of wine with snacks. We tend to like dryer wines and found even their sweeter varieties very drinkable. Our hosts were charming and informative. A great day out!

October 23, 2016:

Had a great time on this trip. We learned ahead of time that you can bring your own drinks and snacks on the train so we were prepared. You can also open the wine you purchased at the winery on the return trip if you bring a corkscrew! Nice ride with beautiful foliage. It is rushed at the winery, they really should give you a little more time there but all in all a very enjoyable day. Go with a group and BYOB! It's fun!

September 18, 2016:

We went on the trip yesterday and it was a perfect day. The volunteer on the train was very knowledgeable about the history of the area as well as the train. It was very informative and interesting. The scenery along the Delaware was gorgeous. Unfortunately, the train does not yet go all the way to the winery. We were told that they have a 1/2 a mile of track left and it will drop off at the winery driveway. We were picked up by a school bus but it was a short ride so it was not uncomfortable. I was pleasantly surprised that the owner of the winery met us at the end of their driveway and got on the bus with us. She proceeded to give us a little tour of the vineyard. Once at the winery she spoke a little bit about the harvest and grapes etc. Then we went up to the "work area" (I'm sure it has a more technical term) and she explained the fermenting process. We then got to go into the bottling room. It was a neat experience. After our tour we sampled 6 wines with hot hor d'oeuvres. After our tasting the owner announced that the glasses were ours to keep as a gift from the winery. We bought 4 bottles to take home. My only negative comment would be that I wished we had more time at the winery. It may be one of the prettiest wineries in New Jersey and it would have been nice to relax on the porch and sip some wine. Some people on our tour brought picnic lunches and stopped at the mine picnic area. We choose to skip that part and instead went on to another winery (Four Sisters Winery) which is about 30 minutes north of the train depot. We will definitely go back to Villa Milagro and I recommend both the train and the winery.

By Car

Located at the intersection of Interstate 78 and Highway 22  we are exactly 73 miles from both New York City and Philadelphia. Please click here for directions.

By bus

Transbridge Lines operates into Easton Pennsylvania. The bus station is under one mile away, just a short taxi ride or walk. Click here for the bus companies web site.

By Taxi/cabs

Via Uber or local taxi companies we are just  a short ride from the bus station in Easton Pennsylvania.

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